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Please Note that this Centre is ONLY for the current
LIFE MEMBERS of the Society.
At present, we have vacancies for our Members to join. 
We are able to accept further applications
We fund this activity ourselves and we are NOT supported by 
any outside body.  
Day Centre for Senior Citizens
Members meet every Thursday at the HCS Bhavan


The retired and elderly members of the HCS meet weekly on Thursday 10.30 am to 2.30 pm. There are 60 regular members who attend.

This is a very popular and essential activity of the HCS as it caters for the social needs of the elderly who otherwise may be isolated and lonely.

Refreshments and lunch is provided on for a monthly payment basis. In addition to socialising, some members play cards or scrabble,  while the physically active play table tennis. 
Monthly activities undertaken each week are:

  • Prayers in the temple

  • Tombola session

  • 'Mehfil' -  An opportunity for members to recite songs, poetry, jokes etc.

  • Outside guests are also invited regularly to talk on subjects of interest to the elderly, covering health & diet, taxation, first aid, alternative medicine, yoga etc.           

Over the last few years, the members can join from the age of 65 (average age 75+) have presented 4 very entertaining cultural and musical programme on the HCS stage for the general membership of the society.

For further info:  Contact the Chairman of the Day Centre - Lalit Nagpaul. Tel 020 8446 2001

Some photos of the Dance Drama Programme presented at

a Milan by Day Centre Members

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