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Managing Committee

The Society shall be controlled and managed by a Managing Committee which shall consist of:

1. President                              2.  Vice President                       3.  Secretary    

4. Joint Secretary                     5. Treasurer                                6. Joint Treasurer

And supported by Eight Committee Members.

This Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. At present the AGM and Elections are held in June.

There shall be 5 Trustees nominated by the Managing Committee. 

Conditions for the election of the Managing Committee Members and nomination of the Trustees are detailed in the Society’s Constitution.

2022 - 2023 Managing Committee

 Mr  Vijay Jolly                                          President

 Mrs Sharda Jagpal                                  Vice- president

 Mr  Ghanshyam Master                         Secretary

 Mrs Usha Pathak                                    Joint Secretary

 Mrs Vinod Sehgal                                   Treasurer

 Mr Vinay Sharma                                    Joint Treasurer

Committee Members

                    1.  Mrs Neelam Bagwati                            2.  Mr Ravi Bagwati

                    3.  Mr Rajesh Depala                                  4.  Mr Madhusudhan Jagani

                    5.  Mr Anil Malhotra                                    5.  Mrs Shobha Mathur

                    6.  Mrs Bala Sharma                                    7.  Mrs Lalta Varma

                    8.  Mr Prem Vohra


1.  Mr Prem Modgil                                             2.   Mrs Vinod Saggar

3.  Mr Om Pathak                                                4.   Dr Sudama Prasad

5.  Vacant

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