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Festivals of


Dear friends,


(प्रिय मित्रो)

आप सब को लोहड़ी अवम मक्कर संक्रांति के पवन पर्व पैर हार्धिक शुभ कामनाय

With our very best wishes on the

auspicious festivals of

Lohri and Makkar Sankranti

on 13th January

celebrated all over India esp North, Central & West +  Pongal-in Tamil Nadu & South India

and all around the world


LOHRI: This Indian festival falls on the 13th January, the last day of the Hindu month of Posh and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in north (India) but in particular in Punjab with traditional folk songs, dancing and a whole lot of fun around a bon-fire by farmers and families with newly born babies and with recently wedded daughters and sons. For many days prior to this coldest winter night, children go to people’s hoses singing folk songs (sunder mundrey…) and asking for “LOHRI” (similar to carol singing before Christmas), and receiving money and sometimes special items of Lohri. They celebrate Lohri in open air by performing bhangra dances, singing around the bonfire and offering of chevra, til-gur, revri, gachak and popcorn to the fire and then distributing to everyone.

MAKKAR SANKRANTI:  India is renowned for its Hindu festivals and most of them are connected mother nature. This seasonal and agricultural festival has a religious importance and it is also known in Tamil Nadu as “Pongal” and as “Kichadi” in North India.  Makkar (Capricorn) and Sankranti (transition) takes place on 14th January, the first day of the Hindu month of Makkar. This holy day marks the commencements of the Sun’s northern course, known as the Uttarayan path. From this day the day duration (sunlight) increases and the night darkness (night) decreases.
Sankranti, signifies that light gives the message of intellectual illumination (Vivek) to discriminate between right and wrong, the just and unjust, truth and untruth, virtue and vice. It also advocates the spirit of selfishness service and sacrifice in cause of humanity. It is for this auspicious day of Uttarayan the Bhishma-pitamha the great warrior, after lying down his arms in the epic battle Kurukeshetra in Maha-bharat, waited on bed of arrows to free his soul from mortal bondage and attain immortality (salvation).
Also, the Kumba Mela, the biggest religious fair in the world is held at Prayag, Bharat at the holy confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati.

Makkar Sankranti simply embodies the ardent prayer of every human heart:
-  O, Ishwer, Asto maa sad gamayo; Tamso maa jyotir maa gamaya;
       Mriytor maa amritam maa gamayo.
 - O, God, Lead me from untruth to truth; from darkness to light; from 
       death to immortality.


Pongal is one of the biggest festivals in S India and amongst Tamils in Sri Lanka & those settled around the world. The festival includes visits to the temple, prayers, exchange of gifts, sweets & other festivities

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